Mother Tongue:
Perspectives on Food and Society,
Project – Eat Me Out

Eat Me Out is an individual project I was working on for the past months, and its completion was the Hatch Collective exhibition in the Grey Space in the Middle, from 23rd of January till the 26th of Januray (2020). 

Hatch is an international collective of 49 emerging visual artists. We aim to share contemporary visions on what food is and means. Food gives life and frames life. Food is an element without a precise time and space. It exists and has always existed in countless ways. The viewer is invited to move with us through different forms and flavors. We will converse, underline, scream, suggest, bring back, connect, question and challenge the importance that food has in our everyday. Food is a witness of dynamics riddled all around us. To really know them we have to interact with it and let everything which is related to food rise to the surface.

Eat Me Out 

Can I be my own Motherland? 

To feel at home in our own bodies, most queer people have to navigate on the knife's edge between reality and fantasy. Lonely islands, where it seems easy to be who you are. Cross the water with me, and explore the land of love, liberation, pussycats, and veggies in the ass. 

Special thanks to: Siadhail Augusteijn, Wiktoria Bulska, Wiktoria Buniowska, Zofia Estrada-Osmycka, Salves van der Gronde, Natalia Kowalewska, Nina Ledwoch, Io Sivertsen, Marysia Świrtlicka, Weronika Wood, Nela Zielińska