Collective Rice and Beans,
Project – Katka

"Katka" is an individual project that I was working on during the field trip to Bratislava. Katka was part of a collective exhibition in Galéria Médium (in Bratislava), from March till April (2019).

Being in a new and exciting city can shape how a person looks at things, thinks and dresses. During this one week, I spent a lot of time browsing obviously through the city's second hand in search of a new identity. Influenced by the clothes these shops had to offer and seeing interesting patterns in how women dressed here shaped me into someone else - I became Katka. 

Katka is strong, an independent creature, who likes to fuck from time to time. She loves her green long nails, wearing short skirts, taking selfies (with the "picturesque" landscape) for her dating profile, and drinking flavored beer with friends and sometimes her potential lovers.

Maria no longer exists. 


PS Big thank you to Garam Eo and Igor Schiller for helping me creating Katka.