Blooms for Sicky Magazine / editorial

BLOOMS for Sicky Magazine

Being constantly connected with a visual field, as a form of combined language with other people, for this year's pride month, with a group of creatives based in Warsaw we constructed a fashion editorial. All the elements in our series, which you can observe, catch, see, and imagine are intimate homemade ideas and crafts from the garments made from scratch to the set design. As a creative combo, all the parts involved took up and did what they are best at.

The innocent story of blooming is a symbolic way of catching and hatching the love between the two. The flowers you can see directly on the garments relate to the elements we can see in the polish household, aesthetic on the verge of camp. In fact, they were made from materials caught from second-hand stores — the bed sheets and curtains. The combination of a visual-childhood-memories with a love story that thrives is something we want to see and relate to, not only during the visibility month.


photography: Maria Knaginin-Ciszewska (@spicynutz)

art direction: Zuza Gontarczuk (@konwalie

design&styling: Zuza Gontarczuk (@konwalie

hair: Deflina Tlalka (@delfuria.hoer

make-up: Magia Gontarczuk (@magiagontarczuk_makeup_artist)

models: Ita Litwiniec (@italitwiniec) & Thora Bykva (@ttoraaa

stylist assistance & jewelry: Nikita Zyl (@nikita.zyk