Obey Campaign Spring 2021 / fashion

Our mysteries of everyday life, are between reality and fantasy, exposed in the light of a medium-format camera and a release cord. Following, two characters, me and my girlfriend, thought different parts of the day, different parts of life. Performing how it is to be, a lesbian couple in the most homophobic country in the EU — Poland. With all the recent events in our motherland, we decided and felt inside-out, that the embracement, and the representation, are the most important. Not to victimize ourselves, but to create our own world, that might become a reality one day. Hence to fight against heteronormative narrative in culture.

Only female production is a bubble of a dream world we want to live in, bringing together creative individuals, our visual upbringing and background of Eastern and Central Europe, and making it a fantasy of reality.

You can follow us, to the countryside, to our meeting with the mother-in-law, honeymoon in the hotel room, and how we were up for something, with our girl gang, while being at school.

All the images were taken in Poland, in 4 different locations. 

In support of the project, OBEY Clothing has donated to Grupa Stonewall to support the LGBT+ community in Poland. We encourage you to do the same and help them to inform, support, and educate.

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March, 2021


Direction, filmography and editing: @martawodz
Photography: @spicynutz
Art Direction: @spicynutz & @partia_kobiet_homoseksualnych
Production: @endersja
Make-up and hair: @partia_kobiet_homoseksualnych
Sculptures: @miauful
Photo assistance during the group image: @anteklakomski
Music: @sofiewinterson 

Models: @partia_kobiet_homoseksualnych @endersja @z.sia 

@abuteninn @haniaszkarlat @bozrna 

@miauful @lara__crossfit @eeekalinka @asbo_airliens