The Calvert Journal: This is our Poland / art & talk

Lesbian postcards from the future; sending back messages from Poland's radical queer tomorrow. 

What is it like to be young, creative, and non-conformist in a country where nationalism and ultra-conservative values are on the rise? This is our Poland: stories of resilience, creativity, and change from the heart of Europe is a new special report by The Calvert Journal. Elevating the voices of young creatives, it paints a portrait of Poland often overlooked by the mainstream, joining a generation of young artists, cultural figures, and activists as they ask: can we shape a better future for our country?

Across 23 stories, we explore the complexity of contemporary Polish culture: from digital media, film, and feminist history, to radical literature and futuristic queer art. This is our Poland is a multidimensional snapshot of a society where cultural beliefs are in flux and where the stakes for those who fight for freedom are higher than ever.